“What I am most delighted about is that this young artist has so much to say. Every sound fascinates with an element of the unspoken, in a way inviting us to listen to a new story.”

Piotr Iwicki, liner note of “Preludium” CD

“(…) He leads a compelling narration which is not only surprising but also communicative and filled with authentic emotions.”

Rafał Zbrzeski, Jazz Forum 12/2020

Wandering through his artistic path Jakub tries to walk off the bitten track.

One of many quotes which he identifies with is: “At first we must learn how to connect the power of rational mind with wisdom of intuition and honesty. Standing firmly on that ground we can jump into a new idea” Frederic Laloux “

Jakub Paulski is a initiator and leader of bands such as: Jakub Paulski Trio, Jakub Paulski Quartet, Solaris Project. He released an album Pick Your Self Up (2019) with Paulski/Białowolski Quartet as a co-leader. The guitarist is a organizer of I edition of Wesoła Jazz Festiwal and “Opowieści Improwizowane” cycle of concerts. In the beginning of October 2020 he released his debut album “Preludium” as a leader of Jakub Paulski Trio.

Artist is also a recipient of many domestic and international awards such as Grand Prix Jazz Juniors 2019. He teaches at Institute of Music in University of Warmia and Mazuras in Olsztyn.

Recipe for a day a’la Paulski: Start with a paintings of William Turner, add a little of sliced Salvador Dali, add some extreme sports and pour a little drop of badminton. Put the stew on a swinging table and pour it with a freshly bowl of coffee. All activities you should perform in a unaproned shirt. Please do remember to avoid sending concert offers

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