Jakub Paulski Trio’s trio performance is „(…) vivid and filled with various moods. The band serves a solid portion of jazz mixed with a juicy groove seasoned with most interesting improvisations”. The concerts of trio are “unpredictable, relaxing and interesting” Anna Krajkowska, Gazeta Polska.

„(…)Their music was catchy, upbeat, spacious and enjoyable (…) There was an unshowy quality about Paulski’s lyrical playing with beautiful thoughtful phrasing.” Mary James, London Jazz News

The Trio was formed by guitarist-composer Jakub Paulski in 2017. Members of the group are not only performing artists but also true friends living in the same city – Warsaw. One of  musician is bass player Franciszek Pospieszalski – grown in a family with strongly rooted musical tradition. Artist who completes the trio is hungarian drummer Peter Somos, whose interests are the exploration of sound and technique of percussions in jazz and folk music.

Band performs compositions of a leader and takes it on the journey through possibilities of a trio ensamble. The music is a blend of  authors inspirations which starts from classical music goes through mainstream jazz and ends in avant-garde. The trio’s goal is to balance between song structure and improvised freedom and to let the music emerge and flourish whenever it’s performed.

Jakub Paulski Trio won Jazz Juniors 2019 – the most prestigious competition in in Poland which allows them to release an album in italian label (Emme Record Label, premiere September 2021). The band will perform international tour: the concerts at Toronto Jazz Festival and festival International de Jazz de Montréal in Canada at 2022, Fara Music Festival (2021).

In 2020 roku band released their debut album “Preludium”. The premiere of an album was performed at 2nd international More & Jazz festival in Croatia.

“There is a hidden power in “Preludium” which creates a world in which subtle and gentle tone of guitar is a tool of creation the colours and moods. It may be because of a knowledge and experience of a leader or it may be as well a unique blend of perfect composing and performing skills.”  Dionizy Piątkowski, Review at Era Jazzu blog.

“It’s an extraordinary prelude – it should interest everybody who is following up polish jazz scene. Pay attention to this artists because it is a beginning of a very promising career.” Rafał Zbrzeski, Jazz Forum 12/2020

Jakub Paulski Trio was listed on 4 place on Jazz Forum Jazz Top 2019 survey in a New Hope(Band) category. Jakub Paulski was listed on 5 place in  Jazz Forum Jazz Top 2019 survey in a New Hope(musician) category. Trio won a Jazz Juniors Grand Prix 2019 prize – one of the most prestigious competitions in Poland. In 2020 Jakub Paulski Trio performed at Jazzklub cycle of concert at NOSPR (Katowice), at 6th edition of Jazztrzębie 2020 and 13th edition of Jazz w Ruinach in Gliwice.

“(…)The trio of Jakub Paulski delighted me the most this evening. Paulski has unique ability to reach far to the tradition of jazz guitar – referring mainly to legendary Jim Hall. But he managed to create something new and colourful out of tradition. He remains a modern musician pointed toward future using whole spectre of possibilities of six string instrument of Bill Frissell and Marc Ribot. All three members of trio are excellent improvisors who speaks simultaneously creating a compelling narrative filled with multiple timbres. You could experience the music at many levels and all were interesting!” Tomasz Rozwadkowski, Festival Jazz Jantar 2020

“Preludium” Teaser:

Teaser albumu “Preludium”, autorka animacji: Ewa Paulska

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