JP Collective was created to carry an anthem of freedom with untangled improvisations within complex and irregular songs structures. As complicated as it may sound, in fact it should be taken with a grain of salt. Band members of JP Collective are prominent artist from polish jazz scene offering a colourful spectre of soundscapes and joy to the listener.

Ensemble performed at prestigious polish cycle of concerts: Scena Muzyczna at Polish National TV – TVP Kultura and JAZZ.PL Second Programme of Polish Radio (live event + broadcasted online)

Band members:

Jakub Paulski – guitar, compositions

Piotr Chęcki – tenor saxophone

Wojciech Lichtański – alto and soprano saxophone

Cyprian Baszyński – trumpet

Tymon Trąbczyński – double bas

Maksymilian Olszewski – drums

Photo: Sisi Cecylia, JAZZY Shots

JP Collective will release an album “Free’odde” in late 2023.

Free’odde – [3’O’D] is a space where the matter is made of sound which circulating between states of freedom, irregularity and song. Take a peek – dive – wrap – rinse – fly – jump in.

“You cannot miss the newest project of Jakub Paulski. It consists of all the best you can hear in jazz, located around mainstream genre. The guitarist developed his composition skills that shows us that he is not keen with boredom, and he doesn’t allow the audience to get bored. He does it multiple ways: by flexible and elegant tempo and  timbre change that surf it’s way around mutual jazz-related genres. For sure he uses the talents of his fellow musician wisely.

No matter if the parts are stuffed with fearless and daring lines or rather of a minimal kind  – Paulski does not forget about the melody. Once hidden beneath mathematical structures, it emerges in a beautiful style.”

Roch Siciński, Polish Radio Channel 2

Italian Sketches part 2 – live session
JP Collective at Jazz.PL