Jakub Paulski Trio „Preludium” (2020, Fundacja Razem Dla Sztuki)

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-Bezpośrednio od artysty: TUTAJ


Allegro Lokalnie

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About the CD:

“There is a hidden power in “Preludium” which creates a world in which subtle and gentle tone of guitar is a tool of creation the colours and moods. It may be because of a knowledge and experience of a leader or it may be as well a unique blend of perfect composing and performing skills.” Dionizy Piątkowski, Review at Era Jazzu blog.

” This is an album worth some good listening to; getting immersed in it as if you were riveted by a captivating novel or a film.” Piotr Iwicki

Paulski Białowolski Quartet „Pick Yourself Up” (2019)

If you are interested in buying this album please contact artists directly:

jakubpaulski@gmail.com or bialowolski@gmail.com